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How do I stay strong?

Get on your feet.

Anyone looking for a ride?

Not around here.

No doctor, no pill and no surgery can produce muscles. To have them, you have to use them.

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More questions and topics compiled over years devoted to this one subject. 

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Will this sacrifice my pride? On the contrary, you gain pride when you get up and participate.

Reserve all pity for people too timid to try something new. 

What conditions is this for? It's for people who want to move.
Are there age limits? Our youngest customer is 6 and the oldest is 106.
foodcrt1.wmf (1128 bytes)Grocery Cart Test  
  1. Go to your local grocery store.
  2. Get behind a grocery cart
  3. Ask yourself, "Do I walk better here?"

Answer yes? Purchase now.

Where can you go with one of these? Some people go miles. Others go down their hall. The built in bench means you decide.

Find a way around steep slopes and stairs.

"Making life easy"? Getting up, while others sit, requires considerable effort, yours and ours (mostly yours).  We provide the product and encouragement. You provide the desire.
I am active enough already. Time spent in the pool, at therapy or at the gym is great, but was never supposed to replace for every day time on your feet.
Caution- First Time Users Start on flat surfaces, in a controlled environment. Once familiar with your purchase, determine when, where, and how to use our products depending on your circumstances.
Can you push a person around on the bench? Our product line is designed and built 100% for walking and stationary resting. Never ride on them.
Ready, Steady, Go ...
Did you invent these things? No. Credit for that goes to the people of Sweden.
Help selecting between the models. Follow link to product comparison chart.
Guarantees, returns, insurance and other purchase questions Follow link
Less Talking, More Walking...
Do these products fold? All of our products fold on their backs without tools.
Will these go on an airplane? Yes, follow link for more information
Can I put this in my car? Follow link
Can I get parts if necessary? We have parts. Contact us for a parts list.

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