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October, 2002


If you like to move, you will understand why rollators (walkers with wheels TIRES!) got popular decades ago in Scandinavia. These wheels are made for walking.

Join 22,000+ hard charging Americans behind our product line. Grab the steel welded swed.jpg (741 bytes)Ahlberg frame mounted on 4 real tires for the real sidewalks and surfaces in your home, neighborhood and beyond.

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50+ years after Bataan, "Mike" continues marching.

Go, man Go!

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 "roll" models

Who loves a grocery cart?

Reach from point A to point X, turn around and walk back again. Carry what you want where you want it.  Pick the direction, and go. There is a bench built in between the handle bars to rest when you need to rest.

If you are serious about your independence,  get serious mobility. Maximize your  physical freedom everywhere and everyday. You know where you want to be. Show us the way.

Everybody up!

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Nick Thompson

President & Coach

You want independence?

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